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“[Mother Tucker’s] life was about love–unconditionally.
That’s one reason why the entire community called her Mother. ”
K. Jackson, Ktul News 8


Mother Tucker has been a pastor, “Mother” and advocate for the homeless of Tulsa, OK for more than 50 years. She has received numerous awards and accolades over her many years of service, including an annual ‘Mother Tucker Day’ in Tulsa, and an honorary PhD. from Oral Roberts University in 2002.

Mother Grace Tucker, though she had been sharing the love of Christ with others since the early 1950’s, started her legendary homeless ministry out of her thrift store in 1975 by praying for the homeless, fixing them a sandwich, and giving them a change of clothes. She continued this for approximately five years. In 1980, she acquired what was to be known as “The House of Prayer Rescue Home” which enabled her to provide shelter for more than 100 homeless people on a daily basis, and serve more than 500,000 meals between 1980 and 1987.

Mother Tucker Ministries was formed in 1986, and served as a covering for her many ministry activities, including homeless shelters, discipleship programs, distribution centers, and much more.